Beauty and Brains, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, is located in Chicago, IL. Our primary goal is to serve others, with a focus on mentoring young women and creating a community that fosters growth and empowerment. Our members have access to many educational opportunities, scholarships, as well as resources, throughout high school, college, graduate, and professional school. Beauty and Brains aims to empower women by increasing their confidence and intelligence.

We believe that every young woman has the potential to discover her natural beauty and unleash her unlimited brain power.

A Message from Our Founding Fathers

We grew up in Chicago’s south suburbs and spent most of our summers in the city. This made us acutely aware of the privilege of living only 20 minutes from the city. We felt compelled to help young women get access to education after our childhood memories. We created the Beauty and Brains Organization. Based on our respective academic and professional experiences, we felt passionate about the idea of creating this organization. Our main goal is to provide young women with the education and support they need to realize their full potential.

To truly succeed in any endeavor in life, you must bring your whole self to it. As young Black women advancing in their education and careers, we sometimes don’t fit into the spaces around. We want to show Black women we can feel confident in our own selves, be as competent as everyone else, and be as confident as anyone else. We believe that Black women are smart and beautiful, despite popular belief. We want all Black women to feel confident and capable of reaching their full potential.

Beauty and Brains

This attitude was the foundation for our tagline:

Confidence breeds beauty and brains. Intellect is the key to power. -Janet and Jennifer

The Beauty and Brains Organisation’s summer scholarship program is an integral part. As a way to celebrate the achievements of all scholars and highlight the scholarship recipient, the Beauty ‘N Brunch event was designed, which is essentially a chic networking/motivational event complete with a panel of professionals and a keynote address. We also host other events throughout the year, such as LinkedIn Workshops or leadership seminars. We also have a successful Instagram account that shares relatable lifestyle advice as well as educational tips to help students and professionals excel in school and work.