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Beauty Works wand

We tried to find the best beauty works wand products. Here’s what we thought.

Keep your hats on! Beauty Works Wand is now available at BEAUTY BAY. We need to discuss it! They are the brand to trust for your hair straightening, curling, and waving needs. They are the haircare brand Instagram has been raving about for years. They have a good reason to be! We were blessed with the must-have Molly Mae collection, which creates effortless mermaid curls and the versatile Trio Styler.

We wanted to help you find the right styler so we tested three of Beauty Works Wand’s most famous hair tools.


Three is better than one, right! This affordable styling tool is a worthy alternative to expensive models. It can style hair in a variety of different curl types and styles. The original barrel creates soft, full curls. The tapered wand creates effortless beachy waves. And the 25mm barrel gives you tight, perm-like curls. There is a curl for everyone! The extra-long barrels make styling a lot easier, especially for long-haired people like me. The barrel is also lightweight so it doesn’t feel like you have to lift your arm to tackle tricky areas. If you have had bad experiences with curling tongs, the barrels come with ceramic coated wands that will give you smooth, sleek results. It’s easy to decide which one to use.

Grace of Beauty Works wand


“I love any hairstyle that keeps my hair looking great for days. Beauty Works wand The Waver is the best for creating beachy waves that stay beachy for days. My hair is very fine so any product that gives my hair a lift of life is a big win for me. After applying the Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask to my hair, I was able to wave my hair on Sunday night. My waves stayed fine until Thursday. You can have beachy, effortless waves that last all night. I lightly combed my hair the next morning to remove any knots. I also added dry shampoo for styling purposes. I felt like I was just spending a day at the beach. It turns out that messy, wavy hair is the key to good hair days.



“Is there anything more classic than a curl?” Whatever your answer, Molly-Mae and I disagree. The Beauty Works X Molly Mae Volume 2 curling wand is perfect for creating those Molly-Mae-worthy waves that everyone is trying to recreate on Insta. The extra-long barrel of this curling wand allows me to hold my hair perfectly. Beauty Works Wand X Molly Mae Volume 2 does more than just curl your hair. It also includes everything you need to style before, during and after styling. The set includes a 100% Vegan Bristle Platinum Paddle Brush for softly combing hair and ten styling clips for after-styling care.