Review of “Bite Beauty Multistick” and Swatches



The Bite Beauty Multistick is packaged in a matte gray lipstick tube. The magnetic cap attaches to the product and has a flattened end. The tip is flattened for easy application on cheeks and lips. However, as you’ll see below, I prefer them on the lips. I would rather have a pointed tip to make it easier on the lips.

Bite Beauty Multistick Formulation:

The silicone-free Bite beauty Multisticks can be used on the lips, cheeks and eyes. They are made with 35% powder and other natural, food-grade and organic ingredients for lightweight wear. Most shades are extremely pigmented which I love. Although there are some differences in the pigmentation of each shade, they all look great on the lips. Most shades have a satin matte finish which sets to true matte in 20 minutes. These lipsticks have a 35% powder formula, but the texture isn’t cream-to-powder. It will transfer and smudge like regular lipsticks. The longevity of these lipsticks is excellent, except for the lighter shades. The Multisticks can feel a little dry on the lips, but they provide amazing coverage and a matte finish. A hydrating product is something I’m willing to give up.

These products are not recommended for use on the cheeks and eyes. Powders are essential for me because I have oily skin. I tried the “Brioche”, but it didn’t blend well due to how “dry” and pigmented it was. Although I think a few creamier shades might work better, I don’t like creamy blushes or sheeny eye colors so I won’t be using Multisticks on my cheeks. These are great for the lips!

Before I get into the swatches I want to mention that I changed my lighting setup when I took the lips swatches. Some of the samples ended up looking a little too exposed (Mochi especially) and were not very accurate. My arm swatches also show that I layered more shades than usual, so they appear darker. These shades look very different in person than what they appear in the lip swatches. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I was too exhausted after I had swatched 18 shades.

Nectar: This cool-tone lavender is very opaque and smooth on the lips.

Papaya: A soft, pigmented peachy pink. Although I don’t usually like peaches, this one looks very flattering on my lips.

Lotus: This cool-toned baby pink is called Lotus. It has a creamier and slicker formulation. Although the pigmentation is good, it isn’t as saturated as some of the other shades in the collection.