Column by Iga Swiatek: French Open Champion on River Seine Celebrations and Robert Lewandowski


Iga Swiatek, WTA number one and world number 1 in the WTA, discusses the aftermath of Saturday’s French Open win.

The 21-year old from Poland beat Coco Gauff, an American teenager, in straight sets to extend her winning streak of 35 matches.

It may disappoint some readers, but I didn’t have much time Saturday night to celebrate my victory at Roland Garros.

The next morning, I had to get up early for a photoshoot using a trophy. It doesn’t mean that I was unhappy or complaining.

After a long week of intense work, I was able to enjoy a great dinner with my team.

After this final, I didn’t need much to feel happy.

I needed some time to reflect on my accomplishments, my life, and the people I have met.

Before I went to bed on Saturday night, I thought about how grateful I was.

After the final, I posted on social media a reflection of my recent accomplishments – winning six consecutive tournaments and becoming the WTA number one – and discovered that my team and me had walked our own paths.

Sometimes it’s different than the other teams. We were focused on what was within our control, and this is the reward for our hard work, effort, and engagement.

It wasn’t an easy year for me last year. In a column I wrote at the Australian Open about how my world was turned upside down since I won Roland Garros 2020.

“Simple pleasures, stand-up paddle in Warsaw”

I returned to Warsaw on Sunday, and will be spending some time at home before beginning the grass-court season.

I dream about the simple pleasures of life. I love doing my laundry, cleaning my bedroom, sleeping in my bed, talking with my family at breakfast and dinner, and meeting up with friends.

I love watching TV and enjoying good desserts.

Perhaps I’ll also be spending some time on the water with stand-up paddles, which is something I love.

After playing in six tournaments consecutively for so many weeks, I feel like I need to just be at home. This makes me happy.

To recharge and appreciate the present moment, I need to be recharged. There is always something to do and a lot of people on tour.

Let me summarize it thus: I plan to change my life from a fast one to a slow and steady one.

Even if only for a moment, the hard work will soon resume.

“Seeing Lewandowski was a great surprise”

When I won Saturday’s final, I ran off to my box and celebrated with my team. I then saw Robert Lewandowski a few rows behind me.

He was so surprised that I was not aware of his presence, I was shocked.

My management and my team knew but decided to ignore it.

This was a great decision. I believe it is important for me to maintain my routines especially during significant matches. Because I am well-known by my team, they can keep these things from me.

It was an honor to see Robert. It was a pleasure to see him and enjoy his tennis match.

He won the Polish award for best athlete of the year, and I was second. This was two years ago.

He is the greatest Polish athlete. I know that he worked hard to get there and I admire his systematic, step-by, work ethic.