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Paulius Jankunas, Zalgiris Kaunas, is the new Turkish Airlines EuroLeague rebounding king. In his last match against Crvena Zvezda, he has scored 3 rebounds at Belgrade’s Stark Arena. In all 17 seasons of the League, he has a total rebound of 1783. Felipe Reyes, the Big Man of Real Madrid Madrid, was the highest scorer in this season’s League.

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He was the League’s highest scorer in defence rebound. He was however, the fourth player to reach 3000 points in November. Felipe Reyes scored 3,015 points during a single season. He is the 4th most popular in defensive rebounding. He also has 511 offensive reboundings and is 2nd in points with 955. With 961 free throws, he is the fifth-ranked player.

His peers recognize him as one of the best rebounders in the League. Jankunas (35), a professional athlete, also played with Zalgiris during a professional season. He was instrumental in Zalgiris’s passage to the EuroLeague Final 4 two seasons prior. His 13 Lithuanian League championships won and 7 Lithuanian Cups won were all shared with Zalgiris, making him proud.

Jankunas was also helped by him in receiving a Silver Award/Medal during the 2015 EuroBasket as well as a bronze medal during 2007 EuroBasket. The 2007 year was a proud one for the LNT Lithuanian National Team.

The same happened to Vassilis Spanoulis, who became the EuroLeague’s greatest ever scorer. These countless European basketball players wish Vassilis Spanoulis a happy birthday. The video included messages from a variety of players, including Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks’ forward. Pau Gasol, the Portland Trail Blazers’ forward, and Tony Parker (ex-San Antonio Spurs) guard, are among the video messages. Luka Doncic is a huge supporter and fan of team. During interviews, he has frequently admitted to it.

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Genius Sports, a company that provides data on technology and sports, has extended its exclusive live-betting contract with EuroLeague Basketball. EuroLeague Basketball is responsible for one of Europe’s most important men’s basketball tournaments. Genius Sports, the company’s gambling division, has agreed to use courtside technology to record and transmit live betting data to licensed operators around the world through Betgenius Genius. This agreement marks the launch of the League’s new Rights Enforcement Strategy. This agreement aims to eliminate non-authorized data collection from stadiums.

Genius Sports Chief Commercial Officer Jack Davison said that the inclusion of one the top basketball leagues is a testimony to our commitment to ensuring our clients have access to the most important information.” Live basketball betting is a product of our commitment to fast, reliable, accurate, and precise information gathering. Euroleague will also enjoy a high return for bets placed on the games and on operators of the betting shops. The high quality and reliability of their services will be a benefit to their clients.

The entire season was omitted from the ELF Challenge (EuroFantasy League) because of delays in 9 rounds of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season.

The Fantasy Challenge Schedule already includes the 20 rounds of the season. It is set for 11th and 12th January. Tuesday & Wednesday.

Fantasy Challenges managers who have completed all trades in Round 19 can reset to begin trading in Round 20.

It is important to remember that you can participate in the Fantasy Challenges provided that at least one match is held according to the original schedule for each Round. This includes games that have been postponed. After each Round, you will be awarded the median Fantasy score for the entire season.

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This is the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season Twentyth Round between ALBA Berlin and Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv. The original game was scheduled for Jan 12, 2023. The match was delayed on Wednesday due to an unknown reason. ALBA demanded that the following players of ALBA’s team are suspended. They have been confirmed +ve for COVID-19, which means that the team now has eight players on the Authorization List who are fit to play.

The COVID-19 Special Regulations, which are approved by the Board Members and Shareholders of EuroCA allow for many games to be changed up to three times if they are compatible. Euroleague basketball teams will coordinate to find the best way to change the dates. The Official Platform of Euroleague Basketball announces new dates.

Yabusele pen extension to 2025

Real Madrid and Guerschon Yabusele, the big man, have reached an agreement on their contracts. This will ensure that they stay together until the end of 2024-25. Real Madrid announced the agreement on Sunday. Yabusele (26.04m) will join Los Blancos for a one-year contract. Yabusele quickly became one of the club’s most productive players. Yabusele averages 12.4 points per game, 4.5 rebounding, and 1.3 thefts. This is an average PIR value of 14.7 for 15 EuroLeague matches this year.

“It’s been an honor to be here. Real Madrid has made me more professional every day that I am away from the courts. Yabusele stated that she came to Madrid because she wanted to improve her skills. This interview was posted on Real Madrid’s website shortly after the announcement of the extension. “I am part of the best team in the world, and being part of it makes me better every day. This is exactly what I want to be. ”

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Yabusele started his professional career in 2019-20 with EuroLeague ASVEL Villeurbanne, France. He was part of the team for two years before moving to Real.