John Lewis beauty today launches their first ever Beauty Bets Report. This report examines beauty in 2020 and highlights the top trends for the next twelve months across skincare, make up, fragrance, and wellness. We have combined the insights of our customer base with the opinions of our expert team, predicting our biggest bets for 2022. These trends will influence beauty movements, create new brands, and, most importantly, will be in our customers’ minds.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS of John Lewis beauty

John lewis beauty IS 360

john lewis beauty will be a holistic experience, as well as wellness. We call it the 360 beauty experience. Every product should make you feel and look good. Our new wellness concept will help customers find products that support inner beauty, relaxation, and sleep.


2020 saw a shift in priorities for beauty. With many people living more at home, overly complicated make-up became less important as customers opted to devote their time to longer skincare routines. Smart cosmetic bags will include hardworking essentials such as a tinted or light moisturiser, lip balm, tint, and a natural-looking mascara. Both established and cult brands will launch a wider range of multi-purpose products that aid customers in their search for a simplified approach that reduces packing waste, promotes healthy skin, and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Multifunctional serums are already up to +168%, moisturisers with SPF and prime, and bases that contain key ingredients like Vitamin C, Lip/Skincare Hybrids, and two-in-1 eyeshadow/highlighting sticks.


Menopause has been a topic that was rarely discussed. However, it will be a hot topic in the next 12 months as the conversation about it increases and negative connotations are thrown out. This is a key concern for our beauty customers and John Lewis will make John Lewis’ beauty area a space of positivity and conversation.

We’ll get up to hair wellness

Our haircare routines were simple. We used to shampoo and condition our hair, with maybe a Sunday night hair mask. This is changing as hair wellness will become a major trend in the next twelve months. The salon-led brand Olaplex was launched in John Lewis in August. It is well-known for its repairing formulas and has sold over 4,000 bottles (or enough to fill five bathtubs). This movement will see scalp scrubs, deep cleansers and serums become an integral part of our haircare routine. These products help to shift product buildup and promote healthier hair. As we start to see the scalp as an extension and part of our face, these products will contain ingredients that are commonly used in skincare like hyaluronic acids.


The trend for flawless complexions that look as smooth and flawless as Instagram filters has been dominant over the last few years. But, we will be moving towards natural skin in 2021. As full-face makeup falls, skin takes center stage. We celebrate individual characteristics as well as ‘imperfections. This is in response to customer’s desire for a faster, more low-maintenance WFH (Work From Home) makeup routine. It also taps into a larger cultural mood for inclusion and diversity. Formulas will be developed that include skin-beneficial ingredients to improve the appearance of natural skin tones. Estee Lauder’s Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturising Makeup is a leader in this field. It features Ion-charged water compound, probiotic technology and chia seed extract to moisturize, plump, and even out skin tone. The Insta-brow’s original look will be replaced with a bushier, fluffier version. We are confident that Benefit Brow Microfiling Pen, which mimics natural hair growth to give the illusion of full, natural eyebrows, will be a huge seller in 2021, having seen strong sales.


It is more important than ever to make our homes as desirable and comfortable as possible. Home fragrances will be a major category in the next year and beyond. We are seeing fragrance zoning as a trend that creates moments and moods throughout the day. It is based on the concept of a perfume collection. John Lewis reports that online searches for candles have increased by +182% YOY, and for reed diffusers, by a staggering +1017% YOY.


We have likely all spent more time on screens this year than ever before, and our interest in beauty grew as we zoomed through the day. Our customers told us during our Virtual Beauty Events that the more time they spend on the screen, the more they have to learn and experiment. We predict this trend will continue, but in different forms. The beauty hall is all about the opportunity to try new brands, sample different colours, and test out scents in order to find your next favorite beauty product. Unfortunately, the traditional method of testing has been made difficult by restrictions placed on shops. The beauty industry has to adapt. We will see this in 2021 through discovery sets, beauty boxes, miniatures, virtual events, and beauty boxes. Customers can test products by receiving a carefully curated selection of products at a lower cost than full-sized versions. This allows them to be more personalized and less risky. This idea has already proven popular. The Discovery Beauty Box, which contained 14 skin, hair, and body products for PS100, sold out in just six hours after it was launched earlier this year. The John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar has also had a record-breaking year. It was launched on October 1st and sold over PS375 worth product for PS150. This has been our fastest-selling calendar in history.


For 2021, the beauty mantra will be “Buy less, Buy Better”. Customers will buy fewer products but will spend more on the products they do purchase. This is because they are looking for high-quality products that perform and last. John Lewis customers spent 6.2% more on average per beauty item in 2020. Visit value increased 6.6% when customers purchased more premium products. Our BeautyCycle recycling program, which allows customers to dispose off their beauty products in a sustainable manner, has already been embraced by a lot of customers. John Lewis customers have diverted over 175,000 products from landfill since the launch of the scheme. Customers are increasingly looking for something to give as a gift, but with the luxury-factor. A Chanel handbag may seem out of reach, but a Chanel bronzer at PS40 is more affordable – Chanel’s legendary Soleil cream blush has been one our top-selling products in the make up category for 2020. We sold enough to fill 17,000 2.55-inch bags.


We will see strong and proven skincare products dominate the market over the next 12 month as customers look for high-performing, visible results from both legacy and discovery brands. Customers will become experts in ingredients and expect results. Vitamin A and Vitamin C will be top of their minds. It is due to several factors. Customers are looking for ways to achieve professional results at home. There has been an increase in online education via Facebook and virtual masterclasses. This allows customers to confidently use innovative technology and powerful active ingredients. We have seen this trend gain momentum with vitamin C products seeing a significant uptake at +248%.


Over the next 12 month, everyday becomes extra special as bath and shower time are transformed into a relaxing self-care ritual. Customers will be able to indulge in luxurious soaps, lotions, creams, and scrubs as they look for ways to relax and unwind. Customers are now more likely to create their own skin care rituals at home and have a spa-like experience. The lockdown saw a +234% increase in skincare, body, and hair products. There has been a significant increase in demand for bath and body gift set from Diptyque and Le Labo, Molton Brown and Rituals, as well as L’Occitane. They offer a complete bathing experience at home, without the need to purchase full-sized products.