Three Ways to Get Your Partner Involved in Fantasy Football


Three Ways to Get Your Partner Involved in Fantasy Football

We have similar interests and believe in the same Fantasy Football sociopolitical ideologies. I also love Ophelia. She is smart, beautiful, and I love her. It’s a very chilled relationship.

You are able to see what she doesn’t get, understand or care about.

Fantasy football.

It is a horrible thing for her. It is so disgusting to her.

This means that from August to January (at most) — six months for half of the year — the old ball-and-chain’s got the grace to roll her eyes and yawn in mine or simply walk away when I mention fantasy football.

Do you sound like your husband or wife? Boyfriend or girlfriend Do you want to be a roommate, best friend or loved one?

You can rest assured that I will not be able to take it anymore!

It is time to create a bridge between our bitter counterparts and find a way for them to get along. We must find a way for our insane obsession to be as valuable to our partners as it to us, both for the good of our relationships and our sanity.

We can make fantasy football a more celebrated sport by inviting our partners to share the benefits of our efforts.

This is a quick read that you can thank me for later. These are practical ways that you can help your partner join your fantasy football league.

Share your victories

Are you annoyed by how much time your partner spends mock drafting, scrolling through twitters, and listening to podcasts with them? Are you being harassed by your partner for reading articles, analysing trades and watching every game on Sunday?

These activities are time to be acknowledged as well-spent time. You can transform those annoyed eyerolls into hugs, kisses, and a smile with the right approach. You just need to share your successes with your partner. These are the three best ways to do it.

Weekly Winner Dinner

Did you win your week’s prize? Surprise your partner by surprising them with their favorite dish, no matter if it’s homemade or bought from the store. You’ll be able to say “Baby,” that this delicious feast was brought to you by [insert fantasy football team name]. We wouldn’t be able to bring home this week’s W without your patience, love, and support. We are grateful to you, on behalf of our entire team. You are my hero. This delicious dinner is just for you.

Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself! Love. Be kind. We’re not talking about a Divorce Court, this is your kitchen, for crying out loud.

It would be irresponsible for me to say that this plan could backfire spectacularly… you will need to carefully review The Weekly Winner Dinner plan. Ask yourself: “Will this effort appear as incredibly stupid? Or potentially dangerous?”

Also, get to know your audience.

It is possible that your partner will find it charming and adorable. You never know what your partner might think. This could be their first step in getting them to support your team on Sundays.

Choose a player. You could win a prize

You will likely get weekly point projections, regardless of which platform you use to host your fantasy soccer league. This is your chance to have a productive dialogue about the mutual benefits of your investment in fantasy football. Here are some suggestions.

You could say something like “Hey, I’m sorry that you don’t enjoy fantasy football, but I thought it would be fun for us to have a great time sharing it.” “What do you think?” Get the slightest hint of interest and BOOM! You can hit ’em by using the Pick a Player Win Prize proposal.

Your partner should show you your team. Then, introduce your partner to three to four fantasy players that could easily surpass their point projections for the week. Next, give each player a small prize. Next, say to each player, “If your projections exceed mys this week, then I’ll make it worthwhile your while!”

This conversation can be structured so that your partner is only as involved in the discussion as they are comfortable with. You might say, “Pick a Player and Win a Prize” in Week 1, but by Week 8, you could be working together on every aspect of the matchup.

You can adjust the prize amounts based on how difficult each player is. If Travis Kelce wins against his projection, and he is able to win at home, then you can celebrate the win by giving Travis Kelce a prize that is commonplace but much appreciated, like a chore completed in the house. Is your partner terrible at cleaning the kitchen? Do you hate folding laundry? These are good places to start.

You could also increase the odds of more unlikely wins. That’s what Kyle Orton could do – he will explode for a million against the NFL’s best defense.

It’s up to you to decide what diamonds look like.

Folks, this is a crucial point: Your household chores should already be completed. Fantasy football might not be the best way to water your plants. This could lead to more frustration for you and your partner.

The point is the same: If your partner can share in the game, you have a chance to enjoy the rewards together.

Stop ‘n Swapp

How many hours are you spending watching football every week? You can make up for lost time by engaging in other activities with your partner. Even if it isn’t something you love, watch them do it. Even if it isn’t your thing, do it.

This is how it works: Apple picking with your in-laws Saturday could lead to a relaxing day of fantasy indulgence Sunday. Did you stay up late on Monday Night Football to celebrate a victory against your fantasy opponent? You can sacrifice some time to catch “The Big Bang Theory” and “CSI: Milwaukee” Tuesdays. Take a walk in a park on Wednesday. You can also give your partner the opportunity to do their thing with their friends.

Although I am not a relationship expert, I have learned that healthy relationships can only be built upon reasonable compromises. Keep your fantasy season happy and healthy this fantasy season with Stop’n Swap and other ways to share it. Good luck!

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