In Johnny’s Corner: Sammy Hagar Remembers His Friend Johnny Tapia


These will be your foreword for Your Phantom of Johnny Tapia, by Paul Zanon. The foreword is published by Sammy Hagar, certainly one of Jonny’s good buddies as soon as experienced the honour of functioning Johnny’s corner Marco Antonio Barrera. Foreword copyright © 20 20 Sammy Hagar.

My dad boxed at bantamweight, Feather-weight, And light weight, combating below quite a few titles, for example Bobby Hagar, Bobby burns off, and Silk burns off. He had been always accepting struggles in the previous second, becoming introuble because of staying drunk at the ring along with becoming prohibited. He had the amount of cash and could transform his title whenever he moved along to a brand-new city to have yourself a struggle. After he opened he had been very fine and needed a very punch that was strong, however he maintained moving downhill mainly simply due to the fact he had been still an alcoholic.

Personally personally, from as youthful like I could recall, my Daddy would telephone me”Champ” and present me that, telling everybody else I had been definitely going to function as winner of earth. He’d only just a tiny fitness setup in the garageand that I boxed throughout the locality. I used to be virtually convinced which has been exactly what I had been really definitely going to accomplish along with my own life, but I really do remember watching Elvis Presley on television and seeing with my elderly adolescent sisters moving mad around him thinking,”Perhaps I will be .”

The turning point came after I had been and a Fifty percent. My father took me to LosAngeles into the Mainstreet Health Club, in which Johnny Flores was coaching Jerry Quarry. We walked and also my daddy explained,”He is gont be described as considered a boxer,” and Johnny stated,”Let us find out exactly what they could perform ” He placed me at the ring using a Mexican man, who had had roughly thirty expert struggles, also minutes after this person struck me. The minute it got, ” I presumed,”gentleman. I’ve not ever been struck that way in my own life and that I never want t be struck that way !”

My father had applied to the specialist Boxing permit as well as fretting in my age for me exactly the kinds. Then sparring semester, I moved home and that also I had been filling out everything, along with also my mum was yelling as she saw. “You are not likely to perform this. You are not planning to be more such as your dad ” I ceased and stated,”do you realize everything. You are correct.” My mind was ringing out of this freakin’ still left hook I obtained using that Mexican dude. This wasn’t it. Idon’t believe that I put to a group of gloves .

Roll the clock ahead into the Nineties and I am in a David Tua struggle in Vegas. Johnny Tapia arises for me and says,”Hey. Sammy Hagar. The Red Rocker! I am Johnny Tapia.” I answered,”I understand who you’re!” Everyone knew that who Johnny had been. Then I mentioned,”Let us swap amounts. It’d be great to visit the struggles together” We traded numbers and he would contact all of the moment. At 4 a.m.”hello. What is occurring? You ai not supplying me absolutely no loveaffair. I really don’t learned out of you like a week” He had been constantly joking about, also you also mightn’t help but only adore the man.

Each Time I would fulfill Johnny, there would be a narrative To let later. 1 moment, I am in Vegas, residing at a lodge and we are likely to visit a struggle collectively. I am awaiting the reception appearing in my watch thinking,”Can it be turning upward ” Approximately a hour or so after, his spouse Teresa walks and says”We’re on time, however as Johnny was awaiting at the reception for you personally, a man was committing the girl supporting the desk several shit and also Johnny went him up said,’Hey gentleman. Halt getting rude towards this girl,’ as well as also the man said,’Fuck you.” Johnny knocked out the guy at the reception along with also his friend took running off. Johnny shot afterwards then your cops arrived. Thus Johnny was overdue simply due to the fact he had been filling in newspapers to get its cops.” You’d to adore him .