Tankathon: Has been the go-to spot for sports tankers


It’s evident that the Knicks don’t want to win any tankathon  games this season when they step on the court. Their strategy is all about the future. Although they won’t use that word, everyone is aware of what they are doing. It is called tanking.

One of the most fascinating topics in sports is tanking. Although it was a topic that originated many decades ago, it seems more common today than ever. It is a divisive philosophy that has engulfed media coverage, organizations and fan bases.

This inspired The Post to investigate this Football Highlights fascinating topic. We’ll be exploring the reasons tanking became so popular, how it was perceived by fans, and offering solutions. Welcoming Day 1.

Fans of beleaguered teams don’t have to dwell on their disappointment any longer once the buzzer goes off.

Many go to Tankathon to see highlights of prospects and read endless mock drafts. This is just one of many ways to make tanking a little less painful.

Matt Hoover, founder of the website said that “I like it to think of it as an site for fans of teams who suck.” “It’s a place they can go and find some joy and hope amid all the losing.”

Tankathon is a Hub for Tanking Enthusiasts

Tankathon is a hub for tanking enthusiasts. It provides information on the standings of every league, including the worst and best, as well as a simulator that simulates lottery draws and mock drafts. Hoover started the site in 2013, after Derrick Rose broke his meniscus. Hoover said he could not have foreseen the success of the site, with traffic increasing by twofold each year and 18.5million people visiting the site to simulate the NHL and NBA draft lottery.

Hoover stated that it was a pleasant surprise. “Really, it was timed very well with the 76ers ‘Process’ so the Philly fans drove the site for quite some time.”

Tanking has become a popular trend due to the popularity of social media. Many top picks have had their own hashtags and slogans to promote losing.

Fans can track and follow prospects online, making it easier for them to support the cause. Fans of poor NBA teams have turned Duke games into appointment viewing in the hopes of landing Williamson. Did you miss it? It’s not a problem. His latest highlight dunk is likely already trending on Twitter.

While drafts in the NFL, NHL, and NBA can offer immediate rewards for tanksing, MLB has the chance to win the prize with highly anticipated prospect rankings. Fans who are tired of the 162-game grind can check up on their favorite prospects, or wait for Baseball America’s Top 100.