Girl boxing offers many benefits.

It not only burns fat but also makes you lean.

The problem is, how do we box in our own homes without any girl boxing equipment?

Let me give you some tips on girl boxing, beginning with positioning and ending with definitions of all punches. Finally, I will show you my top boxing cardio ideas and the best boxing training programs.

Get your girl boxing gloves and prepare for the ultimate guide to boxing for women!

Let’s get started!

Girl Boxing Positioning 

The most important thing about a girl’s boxing stance is her foot placement.

Your mobility, offense, defense and defense will depend on where you put your feet.

You will need to place your feet shoulder-width apart and align them with the toe-heel alignment.

Girl Boxing Punches

There are many ways to punch, but here are the four most common.





1 Jab is the most important boxer in the sport. He can be used to test defenses and set up a power attack to take down his opponent.

It is actually a quick punch that is thrown straight from guard position with the lead hand.

The jab is accompanied with a small, counterclockwise rotation of the hips and torso, while the fist rotates 90°, becoming horizontal upon impact.

The punch is extended to full extent, and the shoulder of the leader is raised to protect the chin.

2 Cross is the second. It’s a powerful punch with the rear hand.

The rear hand is raised from the guard position and thrown towards the target.

The rear shoulder is pushed forward and touches the outside of your chin.

To protect the inside of your chin, the lead hand can be retracted and tucked under the face.

These are the first moves to learn if you’re taking girl boxing classes.

This is why I’d like to help you visualize them better so you can better understand them!