Holmes Golf Course: Is Back on the Market


The Holmes Golf Course is up for sale for the third time in three years. Anyone with $2 million to spare can buy the fairways, clubhouse, waterfront property, and dock. That’s at least the sum of both the property owners’ independent listings. Holmes golf course Sewer District’s rock bottom price for 50 acres of fairways in Holmes is $450,000. Holmes golf course LLC, which has just about everything, is asking $1.6 Million.

The Holmes Golf Course is up for sale for the third time in five years

Since 2013, when the district purchased the fairways from Mike Hooper and Kevin Hanchett, the two entities have been at odds. The relationship has been difficult and led to at least one lawsuit regarding property rights.

There are other reasons for the Warrior Hockey Sticks district to sell. The fairways are a difficult business because the district is there to provide sewer service and not run commercial or money-making businesses. Walker stated that they are the only state sewer district to have a holmes course.

He said, “We’ve always dealt with new territory here.”

Walker stated that the district hired an independent contractor to manage and operate the Holmes Golf Course because of this conflict of purposes.

The fairways were purchased by the board because they are essential to the district’s wastewater system. They act as drain fields for the treated effluent. The fairways cannot be used for golf, and must be maintained regularly.

Covenants and easements will apply to anyone who purchases the property. It includes the fairways, irrigation system and retention ponds. This is why the asking price for an acre is around $9,000

Unknown is who, if any, would be interested in purchasing the Holmes Golf Course. Walker claims that the commissioners were only approached once, and that it was late last year. Walker said that he doesn’t know if the district will get even one bid.