Warrior Hockey Sticks: Covert Pro Team Intermediate Grip


The Warrior Hockey Sticks Covert QR Pro hockey sticks offer a variety of professional-level features at an affordable price. This is a great choice for elite players who want to save money but still enjoy the best features of the QR Edge.

  • For increased power, a new edge taper design has been developed.
  • Carbon fiber Minimus 1000 for elite-level playability and high-strength For a truer, one-piece feel, we have improved the consistency of the shaft walls.
  • Premium durability and superior puck feel with a full carbon weave blade Pro Cortex Grip for optimal control

Because of the straight sides and rounded corners, the QRE Pro’s hand feel is traditional and comfortable. Covert QR Pro WWE Untold 2018 features an innovative, angular edge taper design that drives flex energie through the hosel for increased power and rapid releases.

Warrior Hockey Sticks have also been upgraded to include the Minimus

1000 carbon fiber, which has been the highest-ranked fiber in premium iterations such as the QRL. Minimus Carbon 1000 is lightweight, flat-weave carbon composite that’s high-strength and can improve performance of other construction technologies. Minimus carbon fiber offers elite responsiveness, durability, playability, and playability.

The 2019 Warrior Hockey Sticks Alpha is here

Pure Hockey has all the information you need to choose the right model for you. The new Alpha line features a number of new technologies and performance advantages that will delight Warrior enthusiasts.

Warrior Hockey Sticks Alpha DX

Warrior Alpha DX is a top-of the-line hockey stick that’s built for performance. This stick features Warrior’s Dynamic Strike technology and is designed to provide excellent stickhandling, passing and shooting control. Warrior has implemented their most advanced technologies in the Alpha DX to further enhance these performance advantages.

The Warrior Alpha DX Pro warrior hockey sticks this year includes many of the same technologies and features as the Alpha DX. This makes it a great value for players looking for a high-end, warrior hockey stick at an affordable price.

The Alpha DX Pro has the Sabre Taper to provide quick release; the Fuelcore blade to give you more puck feel; the True 1 Phantom Touch for light control and responsiveness; and the Ergo shaft shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

Warrior Alpha DX3 Stick

The Warrior Alpha DX3 hockeystick is designed for performance players who skate two to three times per week. It still features Warrior’s best technologies and makes it an excellent value.

The Alpha DX3 also includes the Sabre Taper to create a dynamic flex zone, True 1 Phantom Feel for an exceptional one-piece construction, and the Fuelcore Blade to improve puck control. Warrior’s commitment to offering every player high-end technology to enhance their on-ice abilities is evident with these high-end features.