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This episode of WWE Untold examines The Phenomenal One’s long and storied career as it approaches the fifth anniversary of AJ Styles debut in WWE. This episode is now available to stream on WWE Network. We’ll learn all about Styles’ journey to signing with WWE, as well as the moments leading up and following his unforgettable debut. The documentary opens with AJ Styles being interviewed…

The Phenomenal One would say that AJ Styles is Allen Jones (his real identity) and that they are the same person, with different sides. He is the bad guy who does what he wants, and says what he wants. Then there’s AJ Styles, who he wwe untold enjoys being the kind and hardworking guy. It all depends on what side Allen Jones is turning up.

AJ Styles reminisces about his first memories of Georgia Championship Wrestling and Ric Flair. He couldn’t understand why WWE Ratings others didn’t share his passion for wrestling, even though he was watching it by himself. Styles said that he was drawn to competition at a young age by the adrenaline rush. Styles also touched on his relationship with his father. Styles said that his father was supportive of him but had drinking problems. AJ also spoke about his high school experience with Wendy.

WWE Untold Credits to her Cheerleading Skills for Helping Him Learn How to Do Flips

This is how the former wwe untold champion explained his ring name. “AJ” was his football team’s nickname for him. The “Styles” part came from his tag team partner who went by the name “Steel”. AJ said he didn’t like Styles but grew to love it. WCW offered him a developmental contract that allowed him to wrestle in some dark matches while he was wrestling for NWA Wildside. WCW signed him. A clip is shown of AJ as an extra for WCW. It shows him as a paramedic being beat up by Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett. Highlights of AJ tagging Air Paris in “Air Raid”, a short-lived tag group, are also shown. He was making $750 per week at the time of his WCW contract, which was quite a deal for him.

Styles spoke about his first match against Rick Michaels, which he thought was horrible because it was more about the spots than the story. He recalled Triple H coming to him after the match and offering some suggestions about slowing down. He did win his second wwe untold match against The Hurricane, which attracted a lot of attention, especially from Jim Ross. Styles received a development contract, but he declined it because he wanted to stay in Cincinnati to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. AJ would later say that it was the best decision he’d ever made. Styles moved to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling after WCW was out of business.