WWE Ratings: Rise WWE RAW IS WAR Tops Own Record




The ratings for WWE Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE : WWE) television programs have continued to rise following the acquisition of World Championship Wrestling and Wrestlemania, which set a new record. Nielsen reports that last night’s WWE Ratings Raw IS War on The National Network (TNN/9 00 – 11:09 EDT) received a 5.7 rating/8 share of (cable coverage), reaching over 4.58 million households. This broke its own record and made it the most-watched program on TNN. Last Thursday’s WWE SmackDown episode was also a success! UPN received a rating of 4.9/9 shares, an increase of 14% over the previous week.

“We have seen double-digit percentage increases in almost every key demographic on both programmes. This is a very encouraging sign as we plan for the relaunch of WCW next month and the ongoing evolution and growth Megan Exhaust of WWE Ratings Entertainment,” stated Stuart C. Snyder. Snyder is President and COO at WWE Entertainment. “The record attendance at Wrestlemania and gate revenue from Sunday’s Wrestlemania and the positive reaction to our TV programming since our acquisition by WCW continue to show the potential for growth in our core business.”


Primetime’s program last night received an 8.2 rating from Males 12-17 years old and a 5.5 rating from Persons 12-17 years old, which was the highest rating for the NCAA College Basketball Championships. Last night’s episode received a 21% rating increase (1 point) over the previous week and was the most viewed episode of 2001. The previous week saw a 38% increase of males aged 18-24 in WWE Ratings RAW IS WAR. Ratings increased in almost every female demographic for the third week.


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WWE has signed two TV deals that will make a significant impact on NXT’s future. The deal with USA Network means that NXT will be making more money than it did before. However, WWE may be overexposing itself to too much WWE Ratings programming. Overexposure is a major reason for WWE’s ratings woes. Simply put, WWE produces too much content which can lead to viewership burnout. This is especially true when the overall product has not been as good over the years. WWE attempted to correct this and boost its ratings by making some drastic changes to its creative team, including the rehirings of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman. However, despite subtle improvements WWE fans have noticed over the past few months, the product still suffers from the same problems that have kept it behind for the past decade.