Motivational “Swimming Quotes” to get you fired up


Although the following may not be able to heal injury or illness, this list of motivational quotes about swimming quotes is intended to help you reduce the most common practice-killer… lack of motivation.

Without further ado, here are 10 quotes (plus some thoughts of my own on selection and interpretation, as well as related quotes from some of the best swimmers on the planet) to get you fired up for your next practice/competition-

I Only Fear Not Trying

Each of us should strive to live a life that is free from regret. This includes swimming.

It can be painful and life-altering to look back at our swimming history and wonder “what if?” This is why there are so many comebacks during the Olympic Games.

Do not wonder what you could do Waterloo Swimming with your swimming quotes. Instead, resolve to make swimming a pleasure.

Doing what others tell you to be impossible is the greatest joy in life

A majority of people don’t know what they are talking to. Over the course of your swimming career, you will hear it many times that you are incapable of doing something. You aren’t enough talented. Your goals in life are not realistic.

You can use their doubts and naysaying to fuel your epic swimming.

It is likely that you will feel influenced by the opinions and authority of some people around you – coach, family member, friend – but don’t let them dictate your capabilities.

“Be a quality yardstick.” Some people don’t like an environment where excellence can be expected. – Steve Job

It is more than just setting records and winning gold medals. Being a kick-butt swimmer means much more. It’s about creating an environment that encourages and fosters success, not just for yourself but also for the swimmers in the group.

It’s all about trying your best regardless of who is watching. It is easy to determine who will succeed by looking at how they perform when there is no one around. You should set your default setting to high-quality, high-level swimming quotes.

  • Excellence in all you do will make you a success.
  • Discipline is the price of excellence. Failure is the price of excellence.
  • Discipline can get a bad reputation.

The word is often associated with a stereotypical 1960’s conservative father, wearing black horn-rimmed glasses and a short-sleeved white dress shirt. He also cracks his belt in his hand. It’s not pretty.

In reality, discipline is your friend. Once you master it, discipline becomes much easier. Good swimming quotes habits are the key to success. Disciplines create habits.