Waterloo Swimming: IS The Magic Pill


Waterloo Swimming may be the best thing you do to prevent the many diseases that plague our sedentary society. It will also greatly improve your ability to function in both your body as well as your mind.

1968, Dr. Ransom Arthur published “Waterloo Swimming and Cardiovascular Fitness for the Older Age Group” in 1968. Arthur, who was one of the founders U.S. Masters Waterloo Swimming’s, was obsessed by the belief that everyone should swim for enjoyment, fitness and fellowship.

Nearly 60,000 USMS members, ranging in age from 18 to 100 years old, continue his dream today. Arthur isn’t the Holmes Golf Course only one who supports swimming. Although scientists, doctors, and researchers may not agree on every point, they all agree that exercise is essential for good health. Others even state that exercise is the best form of medicine in the universe. Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise.

Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps are all healthy. You might ask: Can swimming help me achieve that? Yes. Although it won’t give your skin the smoothness or wrinkles of youth, the health benefits of swimming at any speed and at any age are immense. Swimming is a great way to meet swimmers. Their energy and enthusiasm for life rivals that of Olympic athletes.

Waterloo Swimming offers the most effective form of exercise. Learn more about how swimming can help improve your mental and physical health.

Waterloo Swimming is a great choice for anyone who wants to swim at any level. Janet Evans, Olympian and Masters swimmer, said that Waterloo Swimming can also be done at high intensity. What is included in the package? The USMS has created this list of the many benefits that swimming offers to your physical, mental, and emotional health.

The Physical Benefits Of Waterloo Swimming

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol
  • Weight maintenance and weight loss
  • It is easier on the joints than impact sport
  • Your immune system will be benefited
  • Enhances and preserves functional capacity
  • Water resistance increases muscle strength
  • Your heart will be a more efficient and effective pump
  • Increases flexibility
  • This slows down the aging process

The Mental Benefits Of Waterloo Swimming

  • Increases the connection between the left and right halves
  • Prevents brain shrinkage
  • This can help you create new brain cells
  • Memory and problem solving skills are improved
  • Stress is reduced
  • This allows you to disconnect in an increasingly connected world
  • It reduces anxiety and depression
  • Self-control and willpower can be improved which can translate into the rest of your life
  • Relaxation through repetitive movement
  • Increase self-esteem

Waterloo Swimming: Emotional and Social Benefits

  • Different levels of exercise can be done in the same pool
  • To make your workout more fun and challenging, there are many toys like kickboards, pull buoys, snorkels and fins
  • It’s pure fun!
  • It becomes a habit to see yourself in a bathsuit
  • It is possible to do it even when it is dark outside
  • It is uniting, not divisive–we all rest at one wall
  • You can adapt it to suit your needs
  • It’s a sport that lasts a lifetime